Midnight Picnic is Born!

The time has home for the birth of midnight picnic!

What started as a poetic concept and tumbled through various cycles of thought and creative ideas that lacked traction, has finally manifested in the form of my budding business!* I am going to use my first blog post to explain a little bit about what Midnight Picnic is all about and what I am offering to the world. For the purpose of clarity, I will put an asterisk (*) next to any words I think need to be defined specifically for how I use them, and there will be a glossary at the bottom of this post <3

The Concept: the story behind the name

Imagine a warm summer night, with a clear sky full of stars and a golden glowing moon illuminating the beautiful, serene meadow you find yourself in. It is just like in a movie, but real. There is a weeping willow tree, glistening under the moonlight ahead, and you walk up to it. You sweep its delicately hanging branches aside with your arm, and are amazed to discover the most magical of soirees! It is a Midnight Picnic!

There is a live gypsy jazz band playing at the edge of a grassy dance floor, lit up by twinkle lights. People are laughing with glasses of wine and elixirs in their hands. Some folks are sprawled out on picnic blankets and others more formally sitting at candlit tables. The smell of delicious nourishing food, crafted with love and locally sourced ingredients, wafts to your nostrils from an abundant banquet table. You inhale a deep breath and exhale a cheek-to-cheek smile, your heart is full, and your spirit is curious. And so you proceed. 

This may seem like a fairytale, but it's a fairytale I create into reality. This scene of a Midnight Picnic is the most magical place I can go; it is a loving and peaceful place where my mind rests and my heart fills with joy and appreciation for life. It is a celebration of health and wellness, of good food, of friends and family, of peace, of joy, of love, of creativity, of nature, and of seeing that our goals and dreams can be real. 

I want to help other people find their "happy place" within and mold it into the practical, physical experience of everyday life. I do this through coaching -- supporting individuals to set goals and take action toward achieving them. I also do this through cooking -- planning meals and preparing healthy food that nourishes the body and feeds the soul. And by creating events and gatherings that remind us of the beauty and magic all around us. Through sharing inspiration and what guides me to live my best life, I hope others can be inspired and follow their own path to that Midnight Picnic.   

To learn more about my coaching program or cooking -- check out the pages on my website! 

Concept to Action: honoring my gifts and claiming what I love

Through the guidance of many wise teachers during my experiences in the School of Life* and training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition*, I have come to understand that each individual has special gifts* and much of our self-inquiry guides us to realize those gifts and infuse our lives with a unique flavor of purpose. Identifying and understanding our gifts will take time, but just seeing the tip of the iceberg can be enough to set us on a path of joy and fulfillment that can start NOW. When we start to use our gifts, and allow them to be expressed, we can be more of ourselves and do what we love (this is of course, the super brief, water-downed version). 

When I started to contemplate what my gifts are, I couldn't really see them -- and if I did -- I certainly did not recognize them as "gifts" nor did I think I could make a living or a career out of them. But after enough people reflecting back to me what they see in me, I am thankfully starting to appreciate my unique personality and skillset as something that is worth offering to others and getting compensated for!

So here I am -- starting my business as a wellness & transformation coach, a personal home cook, blogger, and event organizer! So excited to see how this all plays out. Thanks for reading and supporting my life, so I may also support yours!


*business: pretty standard definition; the only thing I want to add, is that business to me sounds like something to do to keep busy. But for me, it is making your passions a lucrative career and creating income through a mutually beneficial exchange of products and services that empowers me to keep doing what I love 

*school of life: the combined experiences one has that teach important lessons through the simple act of living life

*institute of integrative nutrition: the program I completed and received training from to be a certified health coach

*gifts: unique qualities each of us has that makes us who we are and often ties into our work in the world, our careers, hobbies, and projects