Walking with Gratitude

This is going to be a short one. But a crucial one. 

Gratitude is being in appreciation. It is allowing awe to exist within us. It is allowing peace to exist within us. It is feeling thankful for the present moment and all that it brings. And for me, most importantly, it is also a verbal sanctuary; a place I can create with my words, that is a sacred place I can literally step into for a few moments while I allow my body and mind to catch with the present. 


Each day is a new beginning - Thank Goddess! 

And each morning, I find it helpful to create that verbal sanctuary that I can step into -- sort of like taking a spiritual shower -- and literally feel my heart-opening, my cells waking to the new day, my mind shutting off for one moment to be thankful and to remember the beauty and amazingness of my life. And some times, when I don't do this... I honestly don't feel like I've woken up for the day. Or at least, the thoughts and the to-do list, and the stress and anxiety of what needs to get done and hasn't yet.. starts to take-over and yesterday runs into today and today runs into tomorrow and suddenly I am not even aware of where I am or who I am.

And so... taking a few moments to greet each new day, as if they are your child or your partner, who you are greeting again or waking up from their own slumber, is a highly recommended practice. Offering gratitude in any moment, creates a positive, loving vibration within you and also emanates out into the world. I find that the more often I am in grattitude (even when it feels like a forced-self-intervention) it really shifts my whole mindset. It re-calibrates my cells to the present. It allows my heart to open and my consciousness to expand. The more often we expand into that love frequency... the more love gets poured into the energetic field around us. The more love in the field, the higher our collective consciousness can become. Higher consciousness = more unity. More unity = more peace and harmony. More peace and harmony = more love and peace within. It's a beautiful cycle. 

And today is an especially new beginning, as it is the New Moon. I am not going to get into any insights about the new moon, but Mystic Mamma will give you a good read if you are interested to learn more about it. 

What are you grateful for today, in this present moment? How can the day get even better? How can you become more present to what life has in store for you today?