Manifesting Dreams

Today I mark the official unveiling of my completed website! Woohoo!

Of course, there will always be things that need to change and aspects that can be improved upon, but I have finally come to a place where I feel complete with the experience of creation and happy to show it off! About a year and some later, I finally have a website I feel great about; it represents me in a way that feels authentic and accurate to what I have to offer and what I am choosing to share with others. 

It can take some time... to manifest the stuff we dream up, but the important thing is to keep dreaming about it (and by dreaming I mean... consciously thinking about, planning, and taking action steps toward actualizing). When I say dreams, I mean daydreams, goals, visions, desires... they are ideas, which can be likened to seeds. When we plant the seeds for these dreams, we have a choice: do we let them sit in a packet waiting to be sown in the future? Or do we take little baby steps to water them and give them sunlight and sing to them? When we choose to take care of those seeds... they will absolutely grow. Sometimes it takes a while, because we don't tend to them so regularly and they start to wither a little bit, but we bring them back to life when we focus on them again and re-spark their potential of growth. I believe that every time we think about that dream, we water it. Every time we take a small step toward making it a reality, we nourish it. Every time we work on anything related to that dream, we inspire ourselves to keep tending it... and it grows. Sometimes we don't even realize it is growing, and then all of a sudden... we realize WOW: It has grown! And here it is! Prime for the plucking. Or maybe It has grown into a beautiful seedling that we see... but we want it to continue growing and continue flowering and continue getting bigger... and we get to continue water that dream-seed until it is exactly what we want it to be!

And of course... we need to leave room for what it naturally wants to become. Because sometimes... We have a an idea of what we want to happen, but it shifts, because that's what happens in life. Things shift and change and morph to reflect new ideas. And usually... when we go with the flow... we tune into synchronicity and align with what is really present and alive... which ends up making the process of our dreams unfolding more easeful and graceful. 

In short, my esoteric rant made simple:
   *Dreams come true
   *Small action steps add up
   *When we focus and follow through, dreams manifest
   *Go with the flow
   *Love yourself each time you make an effort to actualize your goals
   *Avoid shaming yourself for "not doing enough" 
   *Ask for help when you need it
   *Celebrate your accomplishments to inspire continued care of your dream-seeds
   *Know that you can create the reality you desire