Milk Your Nuts ~ for all they are worth!

Almond Milk. Pumpkin Seed Milk. Hemp Milk. Coconut Milk. These now common beverages are great substitutes for anyone steering clear of dairy or for anyone wanting to add some nut protein to their daily routine in the form of delicious drinkable manna. Now the trouble is, anything pre-packaged and sold in the grocery store is most likely going to have preservatives, thickeners and emulsifiers, "natural flavors," and is going to have been made a long time ago. Not to mention, the packaging and shipping of these products requires previous resources and also creates a lot of waste.... blah blah. And there are some really high-quality, super home-made, local varieties... but are exorbitantly priced!

The great and exciting news: making home-made nut milk is super simple! I recently led a workshop at Symbiosis Festival, and in under 1 hour, we made 3 different types of milks, started a nut cheese, and cleaned up!


  • reduce your intake of processed foods and unecessary toxins
  • reduce fossil fuels required to package and ship
  • reduce waste, by re-using your own milk "jar" or vessel
  • get the FULL nutrient density of the nuts/seeds and high quality ingredients you use
  • connect with your food and imbue it with all the good intentions you wish, to optimize your health
  • make it taste exactly how you want

The Basic Instructions

  • 1 C nut /seed/flakes
  • 4 C filtered water
  • 3-5 (soaked) dates
  • splash vanilla
  • pinch of salt           
  • cinnamon to taste (be careful, too much will coagulate)

Almond Milk & Pumpkin Seed Milk

You need to SOAK the almonds and pumpkin seeds in advance for these 2 milks. Measure out 1C and set in a bowl or jar; cover with water overnight or for a few hours! Simple. Before milking, empty soaking water and rinse in a mesh strainer until clear water passes through


  • Put all ingredients in a blender and liquify!
  • Using a nutmilk OR jam bag, strain the liquid into a jar/bowl
  • Squeeze the bag, until all liquid is out of the pulp– like wringing out a wet towel
  • Set aside pulp for a raw-pie crust or for extra fibrous baked goods! Use within 2-3 days or compost.

Hemp Milk, Cashew Milk, & Coconut* Milk


Put all ingredients in a blender and liquify. That’s it!
*use dried coconut flakes as the 1 C base or do a combination of any of these

And then... once you master the nut milk you can move on to attempt your own cultured nut cheese! It's very simple, and if you're going to get into it, I highly recommend purchasing Miyoko's book Vegan Artisan Cheese.

Cashew Chevre

recipe from Miyoko Schinner

  • 2 C cashews, soaked 3-8 hrs & drained
  • pinch salt
  • ¼- ½ C rejuvelac


  • Process all ingredients in a blender
  • Transfer to a clean container, cover, and let rest at room temp for 8-36 hours
  • Add 1 Tbs nutritional yeast to mixture and any other herbs/ingredients to flavor the chevre - mix
  • Line a mold with cheesecloth and scoop some cashew mixture in – folding cloth over top
  • Put in fridge for a day or 2, then pull the cheesecloth out of the mold and serve!