Inspired to Design: Permaculture

Just returning home from a week Permaculture Action Course workshop in the Santa Cruz Mountains and feeling so inspired by all of the amazing people who have been and currently are working hard each day to live in harmony with this sacred Earth we live in and on. 

For those of you who are not familiar with permaculture, I am going to give you my brief run-down, but by no means, am I going to do it justice. The word permaculture, comes from combining the words:


According to Bill Mollison, the man who termed the word and brought Permaculture to the people, described it as "a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature, of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and throughless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system." And in my own words, permaculture is a system of designing landscapes and social environments that is based on the natural systems and cycles of the Earth. It is applicable across the board -- from how to setup an abundant garden and reduce reliance on fossil fuels to how to be in relationship with others and organize events and plan social justice actions. 

I highly encourage everyone to do their own learning about permaculture, but I feel my role is just to express my personal inspiration after tuning in. I am so deeply moved by the people who work with this earth in a good way, considering not only what is going to help us in the next couple years, but how to design systems of living that can be sustained for generations to come. It is the difference between having a 50 year vision and a 500 year vision. 

How would you do things differently, if you wanted your actions now to be the beginning stages of a 500 year plan for your future generations and life on this planet? What habits would you kick? What habits would you pick up? How would you think of trash and energy? How would you want to utilize resources? How would you want to build your home? How would you want to interact with other people you meet? 

Each of us has the opportunity to design a life we want to live, so that it can be in harmony with the common good of all people across the nations of this Earth for the present time and the future. Start small and big change will come. We've heard it before, and I really believe it is true. Start with today. How can you design your day, so that you have a fulfilling and joyful experience? How and when will you check in with yourself to see what you need to be your best self? How are you going to fuel yourself and what will you eat to nourish you as you move through this day? What seeds are you going to plan in the garden, to tend to over the next few days and weeks until they are ripe for picking. What can you do to increase the beauty and joy of walking through Today?