Radical Love


It is officially autumn - even in California. the breeze has shifted the mood, from a hot and rare presence to a now cool, romantic caress. It has reminded me numerous times today to breathe deeply, unwind my mind and heart, to return to center, and look to the trees. The trees wave at me with excited sweetness, like a friend who hasn't seen you in awhile and is waving cutely and eagerly from afar as she scurries through a crowd of obstacles to get to you. The shadows are a live painting of visionary art; morphing and changing to varying sounds of the ambient autumn turning. MaMuse creates a melodic backdrop for calling in this Beloved autumn. Looking up at the golden sun, I am enveloped in a hug from all sides. My heart is blown open with awe at how beautiful he is and how I have the blessing to spend the afternoon with this gorgeous lover.

So what is so radical about this? Perhaps, that this lover... This beautiful Autumn that I am so in love with today, shares his love with so many others. His caresses are so infinite, that he can share equally with everyone who chooses to court him. Anyone who walks into the sunset and feels the breeze across her face... Anyone who allows her heart to explode in loving devotion in the presence of this Autumnal wind... Becomes his lover too.

The Google definition of radical:
(especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

When we tap into this infinite love, brought by the elements, abundantly enough to share with all beings on this Earth, we change the fundamental nature of human life. By allowing ourselves to love fearlessly, without cause, without restraint, and in our fullness- we generate an energetic field that weaves its way into the fabric of this universe and radiates the energy of love even stronger, through all things. When we are in such deep gratitude to life that it causes our hearts to erupt with that overwhelming feeling of LOVE, we become present. And in that present state, we meld with infinite consciousness. We become one with the source of all life, and thus, we create unity. We are humbled to honesty. We are stripped of our dramas and stories, our programmed ideas of what's what and who is who. When we love this deep love, we expose our most authentic self. We return to integrity. We have no choice but to be honest. We become transparent as air.

And when we take this beautiful experience with our Autumnal lover, and bring that experience home-- to the humans whom we spend so much of our time with.... That is radical love. When our love for our Beloved- whoever he or she is- humbles us to Truth, to Freedom, to a connection with the Divine Nature of things... We change the old paradigm and create a new world. When we can tune into this radical love in times of jealousy, anger, frustration, hurt, and self-doubt we can especially create a long lasting and radical shift of what it means to be love and to share love. When we see love as love, and feel abundant joy and bliss at its being shared... I think, that is Radical Love.

May all beings be free to love and be loved, in full honesty and integrity. May you tap into the infinite love of this beautiful autumn evening and feel that blissful overwhelm of being IN love-- with yourself, with your beloved(s) and with all life!