We all love to eat good food.

We all want tasty and nutritional meals and snacks. But feeding ourselves the way we want can be tricky, especially when we've got so much going on.

You take care of so many things in your life! If having someone else do your grocery shopping, prepare meals for you, stock your fridge and pantry with wholesome snacks, or do some of that domestic kitchen stuff that seems to take the back burner when you are busy is supportive to you and your life, I can help make that happen!

My preference is to cook for people who are interested in implementing dietary changes that are going to improve their overall health and well-being. If you are are willing to try new things, and slowly incorporate new foods and eating practices into your daily life, then you are in the right place! For those who want to receive more focused attention from me through the process, please consider joining my three month wellness coaching program in combination with private chef services.

I believe in bio-individuality and the importance of creating a custom plan for each person based on individual and family needs.

Private Chef Services

  • Meal Planning
  • In-home Cooking and Food Preparation
  • Kitchen and Pantry Makeover
  • Detox and Cleanse Packages
  • Greening Your Home
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Private Cooking Classes
  • Kitchen Setup for New Cooks


$50 per hour for single sessions / $40 per hour for recurring sessions. 

Reduced rates available for people already doing wellness coaching with me, non-profit groups, event collaborators, and low-income clients - email me to inquire.

You pay for the cost of groceries, a budget will be determined during your initial consultation. 

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In this session, I will ask you a series of questions to learn about your current eating preferences and what you would like to change or improve in your diet. We will also discuss your personal health goals so we can plan menus and stock your fridge with foods that are going to help improve your overall wellness and nourish your body so you can reach those goals! In this session, I'll also learn about your budget and how many meals you'd like per week.


I can provide you with extra information about various dietary theories, self-care practices, spiritual traditions, and just about anything you want to know that I have information about! This can include book recommendations, DVDs, audio recordings, and more. I also have a network of massage therapists, bodyworkers, sound healers, herbalists, and other health and wellness practitioners that I can recommend.


After our consultation, I will put together a menu to run by you. With each cooking session, I'll focus on crafting healthy and simple meals that can be easily stored in your fridge or freezer for a few days, and provide a menu of what I've made for you that week. Snacks and additional foods may also be included if desired. Some examples include: home-made sauerkraut, granola, muffins, hand-pressed almond milk, fermented beverages, and more.

Progress & Celebration

After a certain number of cooking sessions, we can check in and evaluate how it's all going. We can celebrate the successes and continue improving your diet and overall health through incorporating new foods and supplements (when appropriate), or choosing to participate in a detox or cleanse. The possibilities are infinite!


"Mischa has been so supportive to me in my healing journey! I needed to change my diet, partially in response to a particular health issue, and she found creative ways to make nourishing and delicious food within the prescribed guidelines. I highly recommend her services to everyone, especially people healing from an illness or working to restore their health." - Elsa Asher, MS, CD(DONA), educator, practitioner & artist
"Mischa was so very easy to work with! I went on a very specific Paleo diet and asked Mischa to help prepare some meals for those few first weeks. She understood the needs right away and came over to our house and began making magic. She was creative, skilled and fast! I couldn't believe how much beauty she created in just a few hours. It was a delight to be around her and to support her love of the culinary arts." - Chanti Smith, CPM, LM, SEP, midwife, holistic health practitioner